Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dwelling Of Despair & Forest Of Fear?

We are a 100% non-profit Haunted House/Attraction located in Slinger, Wisconsin. Dwelling Of Despair & Forest Of Fear is solely owned and operated by the Hartford Jaycees and all of our volunteers. Our haunted houses name was Hartford Jaycees Haunted House, up until 3 years ago. Our board members felt a name change was in order and here we are today.

When do you start putting this huge event together?

We begin deconstructing & building the DOD & FOF around the end of March, beginning of April. We start our planning of rooms and other aspects starting in late January, early February. Props, other items and room ideas are being worked on 365 days a year. Those of us on the planning committee, are die hard and plan, design, dream 24/7.

How many people are allowed in a group?

We run groups of 6 to 8, but never more than 8. Occasionally 2 or 3 if crowds are smaller.

Do you close the haunted attractions at your posted hours?

No, we close the ticket booth at the posted hours, but the haunted attractions close when the line ends. Just note that there may be situations on slow nights that everything closes at the posted time and you may be refused entry so try to come at least 20 minutes prior to closing time to ensure entry.

When is the best time to come to avoid long lines?

Typically the lines are shortest early in the nights we are open. The lines are usually the longest the later it is.

Is it scary and if I'm under 12 can I still go through?

Yes, it's scary. We definitely don't recommend our haunted attractions to those 12 & under, unless the kids are used to being scared. If the kids are under 12 they can go through with an adult. Keep in mind, being scared is the fun part, but it's important to understand that you WILL be scared and startled here by loud noises, monsters coming from everywhere & plenty of other unnerving situations.

Do you have a time when it is less scary for children 12 & under?

Yes, we call them our Children's Matinee. Lights are on, making it less scary for the little ones, and we have a special code word for them just in case. We have two dates setup every year and clicking on the Tickets tab above will show you our dates.

If I buy a ticket online, do they get sent to me or where do I pick them up?

No, tickets bought online will allow you to print a reciept. You then take that reciept (or your phone to show the receipt) to the Will Call ticket window. They will verify your purchase with your photo ID and Credit Card, and then give you the appropriate tickets.

Can I use my ticket on a different night?

Yes, the tickets you purchased were for a specific date for the season. However, we understand that sometimes plans have to change. Tickets will be still be valid for other open nights within the same year.

I could not make it through, I got scared & pee'd myself and needed to go home, Do I get my money back?

Our policy is no absolutely no refunds. We are sorry you had an accident and couldn't make it.

Are there things that I can not bring or wear to Dwelling Of Despair & Forest Of Fear?

Yes, No pets. No costumes, masks or makeup unless cleared with us first. No flash lights, cameras, video cameras, or flash photography. No alcoholic beverages allowed at anytime.

How long will it take me to go through Dwelling Of Despair & Forest Of Fear

The time you spend may vary depending on crowds, the size of your group, your walking pace, and wait times. Late night Fridays & Saturdays, our busiest nights, plan on spending more time for your visit. Typically, at ideal walking pace, crowds, etc, It can take anywhere from 30 - 40 minutes.

What if I have a question that is not on this list?

Please feel free to email us, give us a call or send us a facebook message. We love to hear from our supporters of our huge project.